Description of the Cabinet

The Law Office Deleanu Ruslan with the registered office in Bucharest offers legal consultancy, support and representation in issues of:

- Gaining/Regaining of the Romanian citizenship (representation in front of the National Authority for Citizenship, as well as in front of the courts of law, in case of failing to observe the legal analysis/solution term of the citizenship file, contestation of the order to reject the granting/regaining of the Romanian citizenship, rectification of erroneous orders, file supplementation, etc.)

- Transcription of civil status deeds (birth/marriage certificates issued by foreign authorities) with Romanian Civil Status Registers for Romanian citizens that have never had the their domicile in Romania, rectification of civil status deeds, registration of the marriage note with divorce/marriage with decease on the Romanian birth certificate, registration of the personal number by the relevant Romanian authorities, change of name by administrative means;

- Acknowledgement and validation of diplomas obtained by Romanian and foreign citizens abroad;

- Recovery of the fee for pollution and the first registration of vehicles;

- Drafting and customization of contracts;

- Commercial and civil nature: incorporations/dissolutions of companies (drafting of Articles of Incorporation, addenda, decisions of the General Meeting of Shareholders, statements attested by the lawyer), assignments of shares, commercial transactions, demands for payments, recovery of receivables, labor disputes, succession, usucapio, divorce, retrocession, acknowledgement of court decisions ruled abroad, etc.;

- Visas/permits for temporary and permanent stay/labor permits;

- Apostillization, superlegalization of deeds issued by Romanian authorities;

- Acknowledgement of foreign decisions in front of Romanian courts of law;

- Attestation of deeds: by virtue of art. 3 from Law no. 51/1995 on the lawyer’s profession: attestation of the date, identity of the parties and the content of the deed drafted by the lawyer;

- Contravention law: infringements of the legislation on the traffic on public roads, discipline in constructions, infringements of decisions of the central and local public administration;

- Family law: succession partition of property to determine the capacity of an heir, the succession quota and the chart of heirs; divorce and partition of property after divorce; determination of the filiation by administrative or court procedure, entrusting of the minor child, alimony.

- Criminal law, legal consultancy, representation in front of criminal investigation bodies (police, prosecutor’s office), court of law

- Incorporation of partnerships and foundations;