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The Law Office “DELEANU Ruslan” grants legal support, representation in issues of civil, commercial, criminal nature, as well as transcription/rectification of civil status deeds, gaining/regaining of the Romanian citizenship, the procurement of temporary/permanent stay permits for foreign citizens, acknowledgement / validation of study diplomas, recovery of the fee for pollution and for the first registration of vehicles, apostillization, superlegalization of deeds issued by Romanian authorities, partition of property, divorce, retrocession, claims, real estate registration, incorporations and dissolutions of trading companies, drafting of deeds, contracts, attestation with a definite date, recovery of receivables, demands for payment, incorporation of partnerships/foundations, etc.;

The Law Office “DELEANU Ruslan” also offers a vast range of legal services to Romania citizens staying abroad, as well as to foreign citizens staying in Romania.


Avocat Deleanu Ruslan - Avocat in Baroul Bucuresti